Thursday, January 31, 2008

Andrew fulton bike check/interview

frame-volume 81 20.75
forks-your old fit blades
front wheel-mosh
tires-rueben and a haro?

here is a interview with my homie little andrew...

EC-so whats been up mark? oh my bad I mean andrew.

AF-livng that unemployed life,tryin to eat...

EC-hows that portland winter treatin your bitch ass?

AF-cold and wet...

EC-whats shad been up to? tensing out?

AF-always,the other day he was in the back of the shop and i said i was gonna burn a chop and he was like I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYIN BUT YOUR TEANSIN ME OUT... he was pissed...

EC-so where did you grow up?

AF-good old prineville oregon...
i was born in richmond but moved there when i was like seven.

EC-who are some riders you looked up to when you were growing up? and who do you enjoy watching now?

AF-pretty much anyone that was close to my area,everyone in blueprint
then of course joe rich,castillo. now adays im stoked on watchin the homies
you,whaley,the wolf,C-MURDER,baby loyd...

EC-you and jessie have been friends for a long time right? do you have any crazy stories?

AF-way too many...

EC-what do you think about the portland gnargoyles?

AF-fuck them and there high tops...
i grind pool coping all day.

EC-whats up with snotty?

AF-chop master...
trashing asian marts...

EC-so you've been couch surfin for a minute now, when are you going to get another place so I can move in and get us kicked out?

AF-yeah shit was wack i wasnt couch serfing that much i kinda lived at goods under the ramp on some cardboard and shit...
thanks shad.

EC-tell us a little bit about your family. your dad is pretty badass from what I hear.

AF-my family is the shit...
my dad has way too many guns...

EC-remember when those dudes were jumping me? you were the only one to step in and do anything you know at the gypsy.

AF-fuck yeah there were like six of them and we were both talking shit to those marks so i wasnt about to just step aside those dudes hit like pussys...

EC-tell me about that time you met that stripper on the bus from pville.

AF-she wasnt a stripper,but it was dialed
cheeks were smashed...

EC-piss in a wine glass?

AF-bitchs were out of line...

EC-smackin bitches down in the mud?

AF-it wasnt muddy...

cool... thanks homie.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stupid Swoop

Bossy J



Kent Malama

Jack Maddock

Bryan Locke

Bryan Locke-Cowboy Boots Death

Brian Jacobson

Photos By Kyle Emery Peck, Marco, Shaun Hott

cash out or pass out BITCH!



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

these bum niggas got our backs too.

Keystone Light Millatron Mall

Clicc Here to See Cubby's Photos some bangers in there. Riding/Lifestyle.


Albert Mercado interview/bike check

Frame: kink badger 20.5 raw
Fork: odsy race
Stem: animal jumpoff
Bars: kink badger bars version 2
Grips: ODI longnecks
Bar ends: MOSH id
Headset: kink
Cranks: odsy wmblt 175mm
Pedals: wellgo
Sprocket: kink sound 25t
Chain: kmc halflink thing
Front wheel: MOSH
Rear wheel: MOSH
Tires: primo v-monster 1.95 and dirt monster 2.20
Seat post: kink stump post
Seat: kink kevlar slim seat
Pegs: kink park pegs...great for anything.

Albert is my homie from san diego, you might know him from recent give D! edits, hes a boss and all around badass dude so peep game.

EC: Hi albert how are you?

AM: pretty good. andre just got here. we are chillin listening to biggie.

EC: So your from san diego right? You must have been a huge dave young fan growing up.

AM: born in bakersfield raised in SD. i was not a big fan of Dave Young growing up. only cause i did not watch many BMX videos or whatever. after i saw nowhere fast though i was hooked. dave young is the man.

EC: Who are some riders you looked up to growing up? and who do you enjoy watching now?

AM: growing up i was a huge Nyquist/mirra fan. these days i enjoy watching hoang tran, kyle hart, tammy, andre, eddie C, and tons of others. i kinda like watching everyone these days.

EC: Who do you ride with?

AM: usually i ride with andre and razi...also the give D crew.

EC: So how are things going with kink? That's awesome your bike isn't such a wreck these days.

AM: haha. yeah my bike was usually always beatdick. it is doing much better these days. nice and fresh. things with kink are going amazing! i am having a great time and they are taking care of me.

EC: So whats up with the clairmont park? Do you and the rest of the crew pretty much get to build whatever you want?

AM: ahh the clairmont park. i have not been there in a bit...well everyone usually gives suggestions to the park manager and whatever he likes he proposes it to the people at the Y and they say yes or no.

EC: I'm feeling the give D edits,who makes them? Also who is behind all of the designs and whatnot?

AM: the give D! designs are done by me and kyle hart. we take turns but his designs are usually better. the edits are done by hoang and kyle. alot of the time people from the team are around to throw in ideas or whatever. it always works out real well.

EC: You travel up to L.A. alot right? Do you ride with anyone there?

AM: yeah i got up to LA a bit these days. my girlfriend lives in up there in sherman oaks. not many people to ride with in that area. met some kids from van nuys. they are cool and showed me some spots.if i get a chance to get out of sherman oaks i get to chill with Alex A or alfredo. i guess whoever is around.

awesome, thanks albert.

streets of SF

home sweet home.

First Rule Jam in LA

slide through to the jam heres the info
DATE: February 10, 2008

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

INFO: First Rule's Project Mayhem is heading south for Los Angeles. Here's what they had to say about the latest jam they're about to throw: "This is the fourth year that we are doing this sort of thing and the first street jam that we are throwing together out of the San Francisco bay area. So far we have a couple of carloads of rippers from the Nor Cal area and the word has been spreading around for a while down south. This year's afterparty/awards ceremony will be at Drift LA Bike Shop and should be a blast!"


Fuck Da Hataz

Monday, January 28, 2008

But Bitch!

kurtis off volume

Kurtis Elwell is no longer riding for the Volume Bikes family. We wish Kurtis nothing but the best in whatever his future endeavors might be. We're sure he won't be sponsor-less for long. Thanks again Kurtis.-castillo

bullshit. just my opinion. dont worry my nigga we got you.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jack Maddock Shit'N on Fools

Kinda old couldn't find it without the intro but holla 

quick che holts interview

heres a pic that shwn hott took of his little brah reppin the city

and got a quick interview with che holts about sfbmx
B0SSY J (12:40:02 AM): yo che
sfbmxone (12:40:10 AM): whats up
B0SSY J (12:40:16 AM): chilin
B0SSY J (12:40:19 AM): seen the blog?
sfbmxone (12:40:27 AM): which
B0SSY J (12:40:31 AM):
B0SSY J (12:43:35 AM): but feel me i was tryna get a quicl interview with you?
B0SSY J (12:43:42 AM): be real uic
B0SSY J (12:43:46 AM): quick
B0SSY J (12:43:48 AM): you ready?
sfbmxone (12:44:00 AM): sure
sfbmxone (12:44:03 AM): good blog
B0SSY J (12:45:50 AM): alright quick question when you gonna update
sfbmxone (12:46:27 AM): in about 2 weeks, i regained control from the hackers, and have some new stuff to put up.
B0SSY J (12:46:40 AM): alright done
B0SSY J (12:46:41 AM): lol
sfbmxone (12:46:51 AM): lol

aight so i guess he finally gon come out from under that rock and keep the site poppin soon

Monday, January 21, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

loid/ramp rats

Loid at ramprats again, go give mike some money and ride! keep the indoor alive.

p.s. take loid street riding haha.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Freeemont web vid

peep game on the new fremont web joint....