Sunday, January 27, 2008

quick che holts interview

heres a pic that shwn hott took of his little brah reppin the city

and got a quick interview with che holts about sfbmx
B0SSY J (12:40:02 AM): yo che
sfbmxone (12:40:10 AM): whats up
B0SSY J (12:40:16 AM): chilin
B0SSY J (12:40:19 AM): seen the blog?
sfbmxone (12:40:27 AM): which
B0SSY J (12:40:31 AM):
B0SSY J (12:43:35 AM): but feel me i was tryna get a quicl interview with you?
B0SSY J (12:43:42 AM): be real uic
B0SSY J (12:43:46 AM): quick
B0SSY J (12:43:48 AM): you ready?
sfbmxone (12:44:00 AM): sure
sfbmxone (12:44:03 AM): good blog
B0SSY J (12:45:50 AM): alright quick question when you gonna update
sfbmxone (12:46:27 AM): in about 2 weeks, i regained control from the hackers, and have some new stuff to put up.
B0SSY J (12:46:40 AM): alright done
B0SSY J (12:46:41 AM): lol
sfbmxone (12:46:51 AM): lol

aight so i guess he finally gon come out from under that rock and keep the site poppin soon


Manface said...

you know your feelin that new layout son.

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