Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chester blacksmith interview

chet is the man so I figured I would see what he was up to...

EC-so chet, how have you been man? how was the recovery?

CB-I'm doing a good! It's winter time right now and the rain seems to never stop here in Portland. I'm just working a bunch tryin to stack that paper. As far as my leg go's, It's healing real nice and strong. Ive been back on the bike since late December. My confidence is slowly growing back to what it was.......I think. I still haven't done a rail.

EC-what were a few of your normal day activities while you were injured?

CB-Tryin to learn how to play the harmonica, Dangerous hunts on X box. People would come by my apartment to pay me a visit or two (Thanks to everone for that.).Eating lunch in the park With My lady. Drinking at the 715 inn. lots of Physical therapy and sitting in a chair at FedEx.

EC-so I hear your going on a world trip soon..excited? you must be who are you going with and where are you going?

CB-Rob Dolecki Pretty much came up with the idea to go on a trip around the world It included a bunch of destinations. After Planing out the trip we ended up with Two destinations Rome Italy, and Israel. I'm real excited for this trip considering the spots we are going to ride and the places we are going to see. I will be in Germany after Israel for a couple weeks hanging out with wethepeople. The trip includes Rob Dolecki, Tom White,Nigle Sylvester and Dave Beltcher. This trip is going to be wild since i have never rode with any of those guys before.

EC-what was it like growing up in grants pass oregon? and when did you get outta there?

CB-I Guess things don't seem weird when your just used to your suroundings. That's what Grants Pass was like for me when i lived there. I Just thought it was a normal place till i moved away right out of High school. It's not a bad town since there is a endless amounts of Outdoor stuff to do, weather it would be Shooting propane tanks with my dad on onion mountain or riding are bikes through the Fred Meyer shopping center with cart boys chasing us. I think it's the people that make any town or city good, bad, weird, or just a shit hole. I like Grants Pass but i will never live there again.

EC-tell us a few things about slodogg haha.

CB-Slo is the best room mate i have ever had. It's hard to think one day we will not live together. He Loves to sleep. He also takes 90min showers and eats taco bell 3 times a day. He's a clean freak unlike me I'm a mess. We got each other backs.

EC-what is the current bmx scene in portland like? who do you ride with?

CB-The scene Is slow right now with the rain. I guess i ride with who ever shows up to Burnside when I'm there.Everyone gets along and we all seem to end up at the same bars every weekend to have a good time.

EC-what was up with that ice cream van you drove around back in the day?

CB-I had a 1976 Chevy Box van. Primer grey with a bunch of wild drawings of skulls and things all over it. on the back it said DEATH WAGON and under death wagon it said "Don't laugh,Your daughter might be in here!" We could fit like 10 bikes and 10people in it. It maxed out at 55mph.

EC-I heard you had a mongoose fuzz broken then welded back together is this true?

CB-No. I had the first Mongoose Fuzz chrome. and the second Fuzz, John deer green with the matching John deer green seat. I did my first Hand rail on the green Fuzz.

EC-have you been taking any photos lately? I would like to throw some up on the site if your down.

CB-Not 35mm. Ive just gotten lazy on buying film and getting it developed and getting them put on a disc. I need to get back on it. My Girl bought me a real nice canon digital camera for Christmas so i can send you some of those photos.

EC-whats up with team shralp?

CB-Team shralp consist of a group of guys that don't give a fuck! Started by Dean Dickinson (AKA Scar Face), Who is a pool shark from the La couver. (Vancouver WA) We just go around cleaning out Pools and and pissing of skateboarder at Skate parks by shralping the pool copeing. To give you an idea of what Team Shralp is like, We are going to be taking a road trip this summer from Portland OR to Mexico City to see a donkey show. Look for the trip video late fall 2008.

EC-tell us a couple things about shad hes a pretty interesting dude im sure you have a few stories

CB-Shad.........The man has never had a drink in his life and when he wants to get wild he will! I think people give him a little to much shit about everything. He works hard to keep Goods around. Owning your own business is not an easy thing to do. Ive said it before and i will say it again. Shad loves BMX more than most 15 year old kids who ride, that's a lot! Lay off the guy once in a while, he's keeping a place open for us to go hang out at during all this rain.

cool, thanks chet.

photo's- shad johnson


pdxbmx said...

Most legit dude I know. Great fucking work Eddie.

eddie said...


Bdot said...


albanyalan said...

I used to be scared of Chet. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting interview!

Does anyone know when the goods online store will stop being offline please? thanks

Anonymous said...

donkey+woman show.

buck choklit said...

chets dad is gnar and so is his sister..

he mom makes good food.

ask ben hucke about the so.or roadtrip and what happend with eric walters


Anonymous said...

Chester: I remember when you were little and played GI Joe while my daughter and your sister played Barbies! And be didn't grow up in Grants Pass, you grew up in WOLF CREEK, which is even smaller and MORE rural...

Miranda's Mom

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